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This page was last updated: August 29, 2018
NuVet Plus® is produced in an FDA registered laboratory used to produce human pharmaceuticals. The use of this kind of high-tech superior quality manufacturing facility is especialy uncommon in the pet industry, however NuVet Labs® knows that no greater value can be placed on our beloved four legged member of the family. 

NuVet Plus® is guaranteed for purity, safety and effectiveness. As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the pet industry, NuVet Labs® proudly stands behind it's supplement with our 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee*. Providing reliable service to our customers since 1997, we have helped hundreds of thousands of pets in their quest for health and vitality.

NuVet offers other products such as a special Joint Supplement, NuVet Plus® for Cats, and Shampoos and Odor Eliminators!

Pets can suffer from Allergies, Skin problems, Digestive issues, Joint aches and all manner of organ and glandular failures. Many canines and felines, especially when they get older, have health issues just like their senior counterparts. It's very common for older dogs to have Arthritis and come down with eye cataracts. Many pets will be the victims of Cancer and have to undergo similar treatments as humans experience.

NuVet Plus® offers a safe and effective way to help prevent and help heal many types of illness found in dogs and cats. Recommended by thousands of top Pet Professionals, NuVet Plus® can help heal your pets illnesses, keep your pet healthy and protected them against sickness and disease.
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